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‘Whale of pods’ arrives in the UK ‘WHALE OF PODS’ ARRIVES IN THE UK

‘Whale of pods’ arrives in the UK

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UK’s first driverless pods arrive in Milton Keynes

UK’s first driverless pods arrive in Milton Keynes – Production Engineering Solutions

The UK’s first ever ‘whale of pods’ has arrived in Milton Keynes thanks to the efforts of a Coventry-based autonomous vehicle specialist. Aurrigo, a division of RDM Group, has delivered 10 ‘Pod Zeros’ for use in the next stage of UK Autodrive that will shortly see self-driving vehicles taking to the pavements and streets of the town.


UK-made driverless ‘pods’ to undergo first road trials

This gives the company the presence on the ground it requires to safely and effectively oversee the testing before it goes live with passengers in the Summer when up to 40 pods – capable of travelling up to 15 miles per hour and lasting up to 60 miles off one charge – will operate from Central Station to Campbell Park and Silbury Boulevard to Avebury Boulevard.

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