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“You should always make mistakes, because if you don’t make mistakes you’re not pushing yourself hard enough.” Listen to Aurrigo CEO David Keene discuss how he leads through uncertainty and what it takes to make a family business successful

In just 3 months time, David Keene – CEO & Founder of RDM Group – will be celebrating 27 years of his business. He sits down with Jude Jennison and discusses how an idea generated in a box room has transformed into an international business, pushing boundaries amongst uncertainty every step of the way…


Aurrigo showcase SWARM demonstration at the University of Warwick in collaboration with WMG and Milton Keynes

During a public demonstration at the University of Warwick, Aurrigo’s very own PodZero vehicles showcased their ‘swarming’ capabilities and shuttled keen attendees on campus. Demonstrating the exciting development in autonomous technology from research conducted at Warwick Manufacturing Group – designed, manufactured and deployed locally in Coventry.

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