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Auto-Cargo is a completely unique and exciting concept being developed by the company. The vehicle is designed to carry a standard cargo pallet or two cargo ULD’s weighing 7.5 tons, with the added benefit of being able to tow a standard cargo trailer with a further 7.5 tons.

Thie vehicle has the capacity to replace the existing ‘dockside truck’ and two dolly combination which is commonly used by cargo handling airports globally.

Operationally as per the Auto-DollyTug, the Auto-Cargo vehicle can be operated in autonomous mode or driven in manual mode by a driver. The vehicle can also be manufactured as a manually driven vehicle only. This is a superior solution in comparison to current manually driven ‘dockside trucks’ which are predominately diesel and only able to tow. Dockside trucks also take up space in cargo areas where an Auto-Cargo could do the same job but with the advantage of carrying a cargo load itself. This would considerably enhance utilisation of cargo operations and significantly reduce operational costs, capital costs and implementing zero emission vehicles into the cargo area which currently is not viable.

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