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  • Changi Airport will see a fleet of four end-to-end autonomous electric baggage vehicles, using Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug®
  • Contract follows completion of the phase 2A testing of the Auto-DollyTug® conducted over 2 years to trial automated loading and unloading operations at aircraft stands in different weather conditions
  • Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect® fleet manager software platform will be used to schedule and monitor all vehicle tasks
  • The expanded fleet will be used to assess and validate Changi’s new concept of operations (CONOPS) to support the turnaround of a widebody flight

 COVENTRY, UK 14 May 2024 – Changi Airport Group (CAG) and Aurrigo International plc have agreed to bring in a fleet of four autonomous baggage handling vehicles to pilot underwing operations at Changi Airport.

(Photo: Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug® at Changi Airport in Singapore)

The recently concluded Phase 2A of the trial tested the Auto-DollyTug® at Changi Airport, showcasing its resilience in different conditions including wet weather, heat, humidity, alignment to airport equipment, automated transfer of baggage containers and close quarter operations to aircraft on stand. Over the course of the past 2 years, the Auto-DollyTug® has demonstrated its ability to maneuver on the apron while interacting with traditional ground service equipment (GSE).

Looking ahead, Phase 2B will focus on testing the Auto-DollyTugs’ fleet communication through Aurrigo’s Auto-Connect® platform, enabling them to be scheduled and monitored to support the turnaround of a wide body flight.

It is expected that this new generation of airport baggage handling vehicles, designed, engineered and built in the UK, will arrive in Singapore in the coming months. Beyond the concept validation phase, these vehicles will play a critical role in supporting the turnaround of wide-body flights to achieve efficiency savings, and environmental improvements and to alleviate labour shortages impacting the global aviation sector.

Professor David Keene, Chief Executive Officer at Aurrigo, commented: “This is a milestone moment for the aviation sector and paves the way for the future adoption of our Auto-DollyTug’s for servicing of live flights in the near term. Changi Airport Group have been exploring this technology with us since 2020 and the results of significant testing have given them the confidence to place this next contract with us.”

Efficiently turning around a wide-body flight demands seamless coordination among multiple stakeholders. Auto-DollyTug® introduces pioneering features that elevate efficiencies beyond the capabilities of today’s standard tow tractors. With Aurrigo’s patented sideways drive system, this innovative tractor can maneuver directly sideways into confined spaces within the baggage hall and amidst ground service equipment (GSE) on the apron. Additionally, its 360-degree tank turn capabilities and integrated robotic arms enable the vehicle to automatically load and unload unit load devices (ULDs) with precision, streamlining operations.

(Photo: Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug® showcases its towing capabilities with baggage and cargo)

Ms Poh Li San, Senior Vice President, Terminal 5 Specialised Systems at Changi Airport Group, concluded: “We look forward to trialing the fleet of four Auto-DollyTugs in Phase 2B and to validate our new concept of operations to support the turnaround of a widebody flight together with our ground handlers.”

(Photo: Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug® automatically unloads a ULD (Unit Load Device) onto a JCPL (High Loader)

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Aurrigo International PLC


About Aurrigo International plc

 Aurrigo International plc is a leading international provider of smart airside solutions.  Headquartered in Coventry in the UK, it designs, engineers,  manufactures and supplies automated vehicles to the aviation industry for use in airside operations.  It is highly regarded as a specialist in automated technology for the aviation, ground handling and cargo industries.  Aurrigo has developed technology and vehicles which can be utilised to reduce costs, resolve operational issues, increase safety and tackle labour shortages, whilst also improving sustainability.

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Aurrigo claims major title at Made in the Midlands Awards

Aurrigo International plc’s technology, which changes the way baggage and cargo is moved around airports across the globe, has landed one of the major titles at the Made in the Midlands Awards last night.

We were delighted to secure the Manufacturing Innovation Award in front of more than 300 people in Birmingham, beating off intense competition from the likes of XCAM, Ocean LED Marine and Thomas Dudley.

Judges were impressed with the way we have designed, developed and built our Auto-DollyTug®, an electric-powered autonomous vehicle that is set to replace outdated diesel tugs.

This innovation will help airports reduce costs, increase operational efficiencies, improve safety, and substantially reduce their carbon footprint.

Impressively, we are not just talking about this technology, we are deploying the Auto-DollyTug® airside at six airports across the world, including Changi in Singapore and Cincinnati/North Kentucky.

Miles Garner, Sales and Marketing Director picked up the accolade on the evening:

Miles Garner of Aurrigo accepts the Manufacturing Innovation Award.

“UK manufacturing has always been a hotbed of innovation and I’m delighted that our efforts in developing real-world autonomous technology have been recognised at the Made in the Midlands Awards.

“The competition was fierce, and it was fantastic to hear about the new products and processes the other finalists were bringing to market, all of which will create jobs and generate domestic GDP.”

He continued: “To come out on top of such a prestigious list is a major achievement for our business and testimony to the hard work and dedication of our staff in Coventry and in our international offices in Singapore, and Canada.

“A lot of companies are talking about autonomy, but few have actually developed an autonomous vehicle that will be operational in a live, working environment. That is what we have done and this is just the start, with lots of exciting conversations taking place with airports and operators all over the world.”

Combining the utility of a baggage tractor and the unit load device (ULD) carrying capability of an airport dolly, the latest Auto-DollyTug® can carry up to four ULDs in one go, rotate in its own length using 360-degree tank turn capability and, using the groundbreaking sideways drive system, move directly sideways and slide into tight spaces in baggage halls and aircraft stands.

In an industry first, it also features our auto-loading and release management system that adds bi-directional robotic arms to the body to allow the vehicle to autonomously load and unload the ULD from itself.

Miles concluded: “Now that we’ve won the regional title, we’re focusing on bringing the national ‘Innovation Award’ back to the West Midlands later this year.”

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Aurrigo’s soaring aviation ambitions boosted by Executive Director appointment

One of the UK’s leading autonomous vehicle specialists has made a strategic new appointment to drive its aviation activity.

Aurrigo International plc, which listed on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM) in September 2022, has made Lewis Girdwood its Executive Director of Aviation Technology.

The former Head of Financial Planning and Analysis at EasyJet and Chief Financial Officer of IAG Cargo will be responsible for rolling out the company’s third generation Auto-DollyTug®, an all-electric, autonomous vehicle that combines the utility of a baggage tractor with the ULD carrying capability of an airport dolly all in one.  There will also be a strong focus on introducing the firm’s Auto-Sim® 3D digital twin software to more strategic partners, technology that can help airlines and airports simulate the impact of electrification and autonomous vehicles in the digital world.

Lewis Girdwood – Executive Director of Aviation Technology

“This is a really exciting time for Aurrigo, with recent partnerships and contracts giving us real momentum in the aviation sector and we expect more to follow,” explained Lewis Girdwood, who has more than 35 years’ experience in corporate finance and aviation.”

Lewis continued to say  “Autonomous technology is constantly being spoken about, but there are few companies who are at the stage where they are deploying it in a real-world environment.  “By the middle of this year, Auto-DollyTug® will be demonstrating the movement of luggage and cargo around five airports, delivering greener efficiencies and a potential answer to the sector’s widening skills gap.”

Lewis, who previously held non-exec Audit Chair position at Aurrigo, has worked with several high-profile businesses at different stages of their growth and maturity.

He has significant experience in aviation and delivering strong financial performance and will use this expertise to help deliver the company’s ambitious growth plans through the mix of strategic customer partnerships it has signed and those currently in discussion.

David Keene, Chief Executive Officer at Aurrigo, added his support: “Lewis has already proved his value to the business since he came on to the board and this latest role will tap into his extensive financial and aviation background, whilst his ability to maximise commercial partnerships will be crucial over the next twelve months.”

Lewis’ move has created an opening for a new board member, with Aurrigo welcoming Peter Whiting as a new independent non-executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee.

He has enjoyed a twenty-five-year career as an investment analyst in equity capital markets, and has spent the past twelve years as a non-exec on the board of several public and private companies, currently including Kooth plc, FDM Group plc, Celebrus Technologies plc and Team17 Group plc.

For further information, please visit or follow the company on its social channels. To watch the Auto-DollyTug in action, please visit

About Aurrigo

Aurrigo is a leading international provider of transport technology solutions. Headquartered in Coventry, UK, it designs, engineers, manufactures, and supplies autonomous vehicles and OEM products to the automotive and transport industries, particularly focusing on aviation.  It is highly regarded as a specialist in autonomous and semi-autonomous technology solutions for the aviation, ground handling and cargo industries.  Aurrigo has developed six types of autonomous vehicles to date, which can be utilised to reduce costs, resolve operational issues, and tackle labour shortages, whilst also improving sustainability.  The company operates three divisions: Automotive Technology, Autonomous Technology and Aviation Technology.

CEO and co-founder, Professor David Keene talks with Rahul Tandun

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Introducing Auto-DollyTug

Introducing Aurrigo’s Auto-DollyTug, an all-electric and autonomous baggage and cargo tractor set to transform the aviation industry. With industry-first features such as; bi-directional robotic arms that autonomously load/unload a ULD, to 360-degree tank turn capability, sideways drive system and an onboard payload capacity of a single ULD (while towing up to 3 standard dollies), Auto-DollyTug will increase efficiencies and safety airside.

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