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City centre travel by autonomous shuttle

The Auto-Shuttle is a ten-seat passenger vehicle with the ability to operate fully autonomously or driven manually as a conventional EV shuttle. It is the first road legal vehicle to be manufactured by the Group. The vehicle has been designed to provide economical public transport in under-served or previously less cost-efficient parts of the country, as well providing an excellent transport solution in airports to move passengers to and from terminals and to operate airside with applications such as VIP transport and crew movements.

Our 10-seat, autonomous shuttle vehicle is set to transform the way people transport around towns and cities. The shuttle, which comes after the success of our smaller AUTO-POD® (four-seat) vehicles, which are already gaining popularity globally, is the world’s first conventional electric and autonomous vehicle. The product helps to provide transport for city centres, shopping and care facilities, airports and heritage sites.

At Aurrigo, we have developed a cost-effective product with a variety of excellent features. The key benefits are:

  • Provides a service that will benefit shift workers, weekend shoppers and revellers in the city
  • Offers a template for a new type of transport system that can be replicated around the world
  • Provides safer travel for passengers and surrounding pedestrians
  • Reduces operator labour costs as no driver is required (when operating as an autonomous vehicle)

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