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Leaders in Fleet Management

Auto-Connect is a purpose built cyber resilient vehicle manager platform which has been uniquely  developed in house and is designed to monitor, supervise and ultimately capture revenues from the movements of all types of the Group’s autonomous vehicles.

The Auto-Connect platform is sub divided into two access gateways.

Firstly there is a smart phone app by which users of the passenger vehicles are able to view, book and pay for their trips and airport staff would use to see Auto-Dolly movements and job requests as well as operational data.

Secondly there is a web portal, which is not available to the public, where operators are able to perform the fleet management tasks for the vehicles, controlling the job requests and interfacing to other systems such as airport ticketing and bag tracking. The online portal can also be accessed to see operational data, run reports and monitor the health and maintenance of the vehicle fleet.

The Auto-Connect platform is a mandatory requirement for all customers who want to run our autonomous vehicles and therefore becomes an integral part of any other larger system that may already exist such as those in airports today.

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