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Aurrigo’s autonomous vehicles change the way we transport people efficiently on the last stage of their journey from transport hubs to and from a wide range of destinations. Choose between four and 10 seats, as well as autonomous cargo carrying dollies.


Elliott Gardens Residents

Residents are no longer reliant on their own transport or staff vehicles and can enjoy independent mobility around multi-acre aged care communities accessing social functions, recreational facilities and visiting friends across the site safely, efficiently and with ease.

Aurrigo Autonomous Shuttle

Provide an autonomous tour guide experience with tailored digital screens inside the pods allowing you to showcase the attraction’s history, significant features or show augmented reality recreations in multiple languages. Suitable for hotel complexes, historic buildings, theme parks, golf courses and other large sites.

A new autonomous luggage and cargo system has been launched today that promises to offer a host of operational and financial savings to the aviation sector.

Pods link together mass transport hubs such as train and bus stations to shops, offices and central facilities making it easy to get around a busy city centre.

Students, staff and visitors can benefit from personal transport that allows freedom to move around the campus directly from building to building or to transport hubs.

Help inpatients travel around efficiently and safely between ward and leisure facilities.  Removing the need for a dedicated driver means that costs to use autonomous vehicle services will be lower; in the case of private AV ownership, the requirement for a driving licence is removed.

Pod Zero Operating In Ottawa

Large corporate campuses, science parks and factories that have multiple buildings can provide transportation from bus stops, train stations and individual car parking spaces to the front door of any building on site. During quieter times, the pods also carry mail, parcels and other light cargo around the site.

Personalise people’s shopping experiences by using pods to connect up distant parking or transport hubs with individual shops and services. Sponsor a pod to drive more footfall through your door. Let the pod do the carrying whilst you enjoy the experience.

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