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Auto-Sim is a sophisticated cloud-based tool which, amongst other uses, can be used by airports, airlines and ground handling companies to model the business case for the deployment of the Group’s vehicles, including the Auto-Dolly, Auto-DollyTug, Auto-Cargo and Auto-Patrol.  It can also be used for the simulation of all other currently manually driven airside vehicles and operations. The Auto-Sim is driven by the airports proposed flight schedules and then optimises all vehicle movements required to perform flight servicing both prior to and after the arrival of passenger and cargo aircraft.

  • Flight schedule driven simulation of all vehicle movements required to perform flight servicing
  • Derived service ‘missions’ required for every arrival & departure
  • Baggage and cargo driven data models
  • Representative road network of the airside (indoor and outdoor)
  • Representative vehicle fleets
  • Configured via database & web GUI
  • Simulation progress using a web browser anywhere in the world

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