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Auto-Dolly is a unique and disruptive baggage transportation solution for airports. Utilising LIDAR and multiple sensor technology. Auto-Dolly has been specifically designed to reduce baggage and cargo loading and unloading times, improve movement efficiencies, health & safety, drastically reduce the manpower required for an operation and reduce overall operation costs.

The rechargeable, battery powered Auto-Dolly, is designed to replace fleets of conventional diesel and electric tug vehicles, all of which are manned, and deployed in considerable numbers at commercial airports globally.

Auto-Dolly has been designed such that it can be manufactured using existing automotive and aviation parts that are commonly available across international markets. This strategy ensures that Auto-Dolly can be manufactured by partners in overseas locations, close to the end user, whilst also avoiding any potential global supply chain issues more commonly associated with bespoke designed components and limited source supply chains. Utilising lightweight materials, Auto-Dolly is more efficient, whilst also benefitting from longer run times between charges.

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