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Auto-DollyTug is a zero emission, all electric autonomous vehicle that will revolutionise airside baggage and cargo operations. The vehicle is designed to carry a standard unit load device (ULD) just like the Auto-Dolly but with the added benefit of being able to tow three conventional dollies, each with a ULD.

This vehicle has the capacity therefore to carry 1.5 tons and tow a further 7.5 tons. Further, the vehicle can be operated in autonomous mode or driven in manual mode by a driver. The vehicle can even be manufactured as a manually driven vehicle only. This is a huge improvement from today’s manually driven tugs which are mostly diesel, cannot carry a load and are only able to tow.  Current tugs take up space in baggage halls where an Auto-DollyTug could do the same job but with the advantage of carrying a ULD. This would lead to significant improvement in the utilisation of the baggage hall space and operation for moving ULDs.

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