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Aurrigo feature Pod-zero at British Science Festival

Hosted by the University of Warwick, the annual British Science Festival, which travels around the UK each year, took place last week. With the aim of the festival to ‘connect people with scientists, engineers, technologists, and social sciences’, and to give people the chance to ride in an autonomous pod.

On her second day in the job, Aurrigo’s new Marketing Assistant, Emily Matthews, attended the event alongside the Aurrigo team to give members of the public the chance to experience self-driving technology.

It was a really different, but exciting, experience. I felt incredibly privileged that I was able to attend this event so early in the job and I felt trusted amongst the team, which is great, especially when you’re new to the company.

Fresh out of Newcastle University completing a degree in journalism, media and cultural studies, Emily shadowed Miles Garner, Aurrigo’s Sales and Marketing Director, throughout the day, helping to engage with onlookers, who were naturally curious about the vehicle, and hand out brochures.

Members of the public who attended the festival could visit Aurrigo’s stall to learn more about autonomous transportation and have a free ride in a Pod-zero. In a 3-minute loop, riders were able to experience the smooth, hassle (and hands) free journey, avoiding obstructions in its path, proving a safe and secure journey.

“For me, the day was very much about learning more about the pod and how it works. I then needed to understand how to reiterate this information back to those who wanted to educate themselves further about autonomous vehicles”. Emily explains. “I learnt a lot from listening to the team, but I also found that I learnt a lot from listening to the public too.”

The pod attracted waves of people, varying from students of the university, to school children and general bystanders, who all seemed to have a genuine interest in the vehicle – which just about encapsulates the event’s objective – to generate an interest in science and technology.

“I didn’t expect to see so many people, quite literally, appear out of nowhere and what amazed me most was that they were genuinely fascinated with the technology and curious about the pod’s future endeavours.”

Emily explains that she undertook some research prior to the British Science Festival in order to prepare for any questions she may be presented with.

“I made sure that I was up to date with Aurrigo’s website as well as their social media sites Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. This helped me gain a broader perspective of Aurrigo and what kind of achievements we have accomplished over the past several years. I was particularly impressed with the development of new Pod 12 – which, in the near future, will operate as both an electric and autonomous vehicle.

“Questions throughout the day certainly varied in complexity, with some people asking questions about sensors and some merely curious as to how fast the pod can go.

Emily goes on to say that the general public seemed delighted with the pods; designed to cater for those with restricted mobility and provide an environmentally friendly, efficient journey.  

It’s a great feeling knowing that I am now part of this respectable company that is receiving the significant attention it so greatly deserves.

My responsibilities at Aurrigo include the upkeep of the company’s social media accounts and providing my input into the company’s marketing strategy and content creation. Overall, I must say that I am very pleased to be a part of this company and am excited for what the future may hold.

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