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Aurrigo attend Green Great Britain Week 2019

Showcasing some of the top innovative transport solutions designed for the future- today!

Dedicating a week each year to bring about a collection of businesses across the UK, the #GreenGreatBritainWeek2019 arrived in Coventry on Wednesday last week. The aim of the event was simple; to demonstrate continuing efforts in delivering greener and more efficient transport solutions – all happening within the city.

Green Great Britain Week 2019

Joined by the likes of Tesla Motors, Hyundai and MicroCab, Aurrigo were invited along to exhibit one of our very own autonomous vehicles – the PodZero, and to give a talk on our efforts in helping to provide safer, more efficient and greener transport solutions in a collective mission to combat the current climate crisis, which proves to be a growing concern across the country.

Operations Director, Dr Richard Fairchild, during the morning Business Conference session spoke of the accomplishments of Aurrigo; highlighting the forward-thinking technology we are designing, manufacturing and deploying across the world – all from our headquarters in the city itself. Richard emphasised our endeavours in supporting Coventry in its aim to tackle climate challenges with our zero-carbon vehicles.

Aurrigo PodZero sits proudly outside the Coventry City Council House.

On Wednesday, other members of the Aurrigo team attended the event alongside Richard to offer support and connect with attendees and the general public. The Pod sat proudly just before the entrance of the council house during the morning talks and afterwards was transported to the busy Broadgate Plaza – where members of the public could see the Pod, visit the stall and quiz the Aurrigo team.

As anticipated, onlookers were very much impressed by the PodZero, and self-driving technology itself. Many recognised that the future of autonomous vehicle technology will help to reduce common road issues and appreciate its contribution towards improving overall independence for passengers and, as a result, their quality of life, especially for the less mobile users. Visitors were enthused to sit inside the Pod and revel in its glory, all in all, a perfect illustration of the positive response this ground-breaking technology is continuing to gain.

Coventry City of Culture 2021

Aurrigo are proud sponsors of #CityofCulture2021, and with the event just around the corner, the city is aiming to tackle some of its biggest issues facing society, and more specifically, to combat climate change and global warming issues. Green Great Britain Week proved to be a fantastic contribution to the city’s plans to move towards a zero-carbon future, establishing a high standard for years to come in future thinking and technologies.

As the drivers of change, Aurrigo is certainly moving in the right direction towards a great future of innovative technology; we want to ensure that we meet the objectives of not only the people of Coventry, but those around the world and take your needs into consideration, using these events to develop the ways in which we can provide cleaner, safer and more effective transport solutions designed for you.

“At Aurrigo, our mission is to change the way people travel on the first and last mile of their journey, deliver a safe, efficient, and comfortable journey, and improve mobility for all”

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