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Aurrigo design and manufacture four seat, 10 seat autonomous vehicles, and autonomous baggage handling dollies.


AUTO-POD® is a four seat autonomous pod designed for first and last mile transportation in urban areas, science parks, university campuses, aged care communities and anywhere people need to move around.

Capable of a top speed of 25kph and operational ranges from 40-160km, AUTO-POD® can be specified with a number of battery options, heating and air-conditioning, and various interior features such as screens for information, advertising and two way communications with an external concierge.

Launched in 2017 and with sales across the globe, AUTO-POD® is available for deployment today.

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Like AUTO-POD® it has been designed for first and last mile transportation, but with a top speed of 50kmph, AUTO-SHUTTLE can keep up with city traffic and service roads around larger complexes or as a connection between existing mass transit stations and the places people want to go. Launched in 2020, AUTO-POD® is currently in service. Register your interest now.

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Providing airports with a more efficient baggage movement solution than the traditional tug-and-three approach, the autonomous dolly is a single dolly capable of safe airside operations transporting universal load devices (ULD) around the aircraft apron, baggage halls and empty can stores.

Without needing to wait for other dollies in the train to be loaded before setting off, utilisation can get close to 100%. This means that airports can start to reduce dolly fleets, saving money and valuable storage space.

The AUTO-DOLLY® begins to open up new possibilities of building baggage bins on the dolly rather than a lateral which can facilitate the radical redesign of airside operations.

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