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Aurrigo Pod At WMG

University Campuses

Students, staff and visitors can benefit from personal transport that allows freedom to move around the campus directly from building…

UK Autodrive Pod In Milton Keynes

City Centres

Pods link together mass transport hubs such as train and bus stations to shops, offices and central facilities making it…

Elliott Gardens Residents

Aged care communities

Residents are no longer reliant on their own transport or staff vehicles and can enjoy independent mobility around multi-acre aged…

Shopping Centres

Personalise people’s shopping experiences by using pods to connect up distant parking or transport hubs with individual shops and services.…

Pod Zero Operating In Ottawa

Science Parks

Large corporate campuses, science parks and factories that have multiple buildings can provide transportation from bus stops, train stations and individual…

Aurrigo Auto Dolly


Automate ground handling equipment and customer transportation using our self-driving dolly.

Aurrigo Autonomous Shuttle

Leisure complexes

Provide an autonomous tour guide experience with tailored digital screens inside the pods allowing you to showcase the attraction’s history,…

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