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Aurrigo wishes you a very Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! The Aurrigo team expresses gratitude to each one of you who has played a part in shaping the autonomous future! Let's strive to make 2024 the most significant year yet! contact us - click Happy Holidays & Happy New Year! ------- -------

Auto-Dolly Tug is an all-electric, automated vehicle that will revolutionise airside baggage and cargo operations. The vehicle is designed to carry a standard unit load device (ULD) just like the Auto-Dolly but with the added benefit of being able to tow 4 conventional dollies or 2 cargo dollies. Auto-Dolly Tug can operate autonomously or can be driven manually. EXPLORE AUTO-DOLLY TUG AUTO-SIM® LEADERS IN AIRPORT SIMULATION
Auto-Sim is a design, development and modelling tool that can be used to create a 3D digital twin of an airport to visualise and optimise existing operations and plan for a future using the companies aviation autonomous solutions.
Auto-Cargo is a completely unique and exciting concept being developed by the company. The vehicle is designed to carry a standard cargo pallet or two cargo ULD’s weighing 7.5 tons, with the added benefit of being able to tow a standard cargo trailer with a further 7.5 tons. EXPLORE AUTO-CARGO The Auto-Shuttle is a ten-seat passenger vehicle with the ability to operate fully automated or driven manually as a conventional EV shuttle. It is the first road-legal vehicle to be manufactured by the Group. The vehicle has been designed to provide economical public transport in under-served or previously less cost-efficient parts of the country, as well providing an excellent transport solution in airports to move passengers to and from terminals and to operate airside with applications such as VIP transport and crew movements.

Aurrigo Auto-Connect is a purpose built cyber resilient, Fleet Manager and Data Visualisation platform for the Aurrigo Auto-DollyTug. Autonomous vehicles need to be given tasks to perform, and to do this they then need
a central platform that can be aware of the ongoing status of the aviation traffic, stand allocation, baggage system status, lateral allocation, road network and vehicle fleet status.

Auto-Dolly is a unique and disruptive baggage transportation solution for airports. Utilising LIDAR and multiple sensor technologies, Auto-Dolly has been specifically designed to reduce baggage and cargo loading and unloading times, improve movement efficiencies, health & safety, drastically reduce the manpower for an operation and reduce overall operating costs. EXPLORE AUTO-DOLLY
Aurrigo Auto-DollyTug
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