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Aurrigo and a US-based automated mobility strategy team is teaming up to showcase how self-driving pods can be used to deliver smart, on-demand, automated and zero carbon ‘last mile mobility’ solutions.

self-driving pods
Three Pod Zeros have been built for use at CES, with one carrying the ‘GREAT’ Campaign branding to promote the UK (Image: Aurrigo)

The Coventry-based autonomous vehicle division of RDM Group has worked with US firms Comet Mobility and Via to equip three ‘Pod Zeros’ with Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology.

The Comet Mobility Experience – part-funded by the UK’s Department for International Trade, Meridian (a government/industry organisation focused on the Connected and Autonomous Vehicle sector), and the Advanced Propulsion Centre – has been unveiled at CES in Las Vegas, allowing delegates to experience a 6 to 8-minute ride in an autonomous pod designed and built in the UK.

Miles Garner, sales and marketing director at Aurrigo said: “This is the first time our autonomous pods have been equipped with the latest AI technology, which has been designed to learn more with less data.

“The idea behind the project is to highlight how UK and US firms can collaborate to create a smart, automated and zero carbon ‘last mile mobility’ solution. Delegates will see how self-driving pods can provide a practical, safe and enjoyable experience that is truly immersive and educational.

“This technology is ideal for tourists, corporate users, shopping centres promoting the latest offers and even University campuses that are notoriously difficult to navigate.

“Teaming up with Comet Mobility and aligning with Via is a major milestone for our business and highlights how far we have come with our autonomous pods and software platforms.”

Three Pod Zeros have been built for use at CES that seat up to four people, can travel at 15mph and cover up to 60 miles on one charge.

Daniel Ruiz, CEO of Meridian, said: “The UK is amongst the world leaders in the development of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles.

“Together with our international partners, the UK is driving the mobility revolution. Meridian has been delighted to work with our partners to bring the Comet Mobility Experience to life, showcasing the value of collaboration in delivering autonomous mobility to the real world.”

Matthew Lesh, principal of Comet Mobility, added: “Providing our partners with a platform to showcase their world-class technologies is an important step in deploying automated mobility.”

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