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At our Advanced Engineering Centre based in Coventry, we have successfully designed, developed and manufactured the new and more efficient baggage transportation solution for airports across the globe.

The new product has been converted from an existing dolly into a autonomous electric vehicle. With the aid of LIDAR and GPS technology, the dolly has been specifically designed to reduce loading and unloading time around the aircraft apron.

This means that airports can now start to reduce dolly fleets – saving money and valuable storage space. Working alongside airports and airlines around the world, we have been able to both retrofit existing dollies to make them autonomous and produce brand new, purpose built, super lightweight versions for improved performance.

Together with British Airways, our newly adapted dollies are currently moving around Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport and successfully operating in the baggage handling area. Thanks to our latest technology, the dollies open up new possibilities of safer, more efficient, airside operations.

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