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Autonomous Driving System (ADS) Engineer

Apply Here Autonomous Driving System (ADS) Engineer
Company: Aurrigo
Location: Coventry, UK
Hours: Full-time (38.75hrs/w)
Sector: Electrical systems

Employer summary
Aurrigo is a leading international authority on transport technology solutions.
As both manufacturer and operator of ground-breaking autonomous vehicles, Aurrigo has a unique ability to provide and administer bespoke autonomous solutions. Following an award-winning deployment at Heathrow Airport, Birmingham Airport and throughout the UK, Aurrigo is looking to expand its team in the UK. Would you like to contribute to the future of mobility?
What you will do

As an Autonomous Driving System (ADS) Engineer at Aurrigo:
• You will become proficient at using our onboard vehicle software to manage and monitor the autonomous driving of prototype vehicles
• You will help to build new maps of the environment to allow vehicles to operate in unknown areas, and create new autonomous driving routes to allow the vehicle to perform its duties
• You will learn how to troubleshoot and overcome autonomous driving issues in software and hardware
• You will learn how to modify and build Linux and ROS software modules to deliver new vehicle features and functionality
• You will engage with project partners and contribute to demonstrations of the autonomous technology to visiting guests and dignitaries

What we require from you
• Bachelors Degree / Masters Degree in the STEM field, preferably Engineering or Computer Science
• Keen interest in autonomous vehicles and smart mobility
• Exposure to Linux operating systems

What we prefer from you
• Knowledge and/or experience of ROS software and architecture
• Experience with Linux operating systems including Linux file systems, bash scripting, and Linux terminal commands
• A full driving licence (optional, but beneficial)
What skills we are looking for
• Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
• Strong interpersonal skills to communicate and engage with interested parties and project stakeholders at demonstrations
• A collaborative work ethic to drive solutions alongside the Autonomous Safety Driver and other members of the Vehicle Deployment Team.

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