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AUTO-SIM Auto-Sim is a sophisticated cloud-based tool which, amongst other uses, can be used by airports, airlines and ground handling companies to model the business case for the deployments of the Group’s vehicles, including the Auto-Dolly, Auto-DollyTug, Auto-Cargo and Auto-Patrol. It can also be used for the simulation of all other currently manually driven airside vehicles and operations. The Auto-Sim is driven by the airports proposed flight schedules and then optimises all vehicle movements required to perform flight servicing both prior to and after the arrival of passenger and cargo aircraft. 0{{current_slide_index}} 0{{total_slide_count}} Visualize Today Auto-Sim is a design, development and modelling tool that can be used to create a 3D digital twin of an airport to visualise existing operations and plan for a future using Aurrigo’s aviation autonomous solutions. It can also be used by airport planners daily to model changes or cope with disruptions to existing operations such as flight delays, damaged equipment, road closures or other issues airside. 0{{current_slide_index}} 0{{total_slide_count}} Visualize Today vs. Tomorrow Compare today’s operations with future
developments. Identify, track and adjust the
baggage journey, alter vehicle/sta  counts,
and plan infrastructure before incurring costs.
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Create a Roadmap
to Automation Recognize the benefits of integrating fully
electric, autonomous cargo and baggage
vehicles before the investment is made.
Three green vehilcle options available.
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Plan a Human Resource Revolution Reduce cost, labour shortages and health
and safety risks by increasing automation.
Reallocate up to 90% of baggage transport
personnel to fill customer facing roles.
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