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Aurrigo PodZero
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Completing the Journey – podzero

Shopping centres, airports, heritage sites, sporting venues and other city transportation initiatives are all actively moving forward with the application of self-driving transport. Self driving pods will play a significant role in the future development of transport systems within smart cities, eco towns and villages. Self-driving Pods make it easier to transport people and cargo efficiently around destinations within cities and towns.


  • Reduces operators labour costs as no driver is required when operating as AV
  • Carbon neutral transportation with zero emissions
  • Safer travel for passengers and surrounding pedestrians
  • No dedicated route infrastructure required
  • Pods can be used to provide advertising opportunities with external graphics and internal displays

podzero Range

  • podzero is available in various seating variants
  • Available with windows or without depending on requirements
  • Wheelchair accessible (from 4-seater upwards)
  • Incorporates features to assist visually impaired passengers
  • Full 360-degree panoramic interior screens for displaying external images, landscapes, advertising, entertainment or maps
  • podzero can be fully customised to desired livery and specification including interior trim and internal/external lighting, graphics etc

Technical Specification

  • podzero is built around an adaptable spaceframe chassis
  • An aluminium superstructure is mounted to the chassis which enables body panels to be fitted
  • podzero build process allows flexibility to modify the bodywork for different end user requirements
  • Powertrain is a high-performance motor with differential driving the rear wheels powered by an underfloor mounted battery
  • Stereo colour cameras and light detecting and ranging sensors (LIDARS) located around the podzero provide a 360-degree field of vision
  • podzero autonomous control system (ACS) has been developed entirely in-house
Aurrigo Podzero


  • Strong, tubular spaceframe chassis and lightweight superstructure, suitable for 4 passengers and designed to accommodate powertrain, batteries, suspension, steering and brakes.
  • Vacuum-formed PETG / ABS outer body panels are easy to change or modify.
  • Wheel-covers to enclose the tires and steering movement to safeguard pedestrians.
  • Multiple hard-points provide suitable mounting for sensors, camera’s, Lidars and other autonomous equipment.

Air conditioning  



1 standard & 1 optional




Headlights and tail lights to the rear


8 Ultrasonic sensors


2 point seat belts for the forward facing passengers

Speed Sensors

All four wheels

Aurrigo Podzero Safety


Safety is a primary concern, so podzero is fitted with seat belts as standard and eight emergency stop buttons.

The electrically operated podzero doors are fitted with anti-trap mechanisms and internal and external manual override handles should there be a power failure.

  • All round disc brakes and twin pot callipers.
  • Remote emergency stop via the handset.
  • Powered doors fitted with anti-trap feature.
  • Wheel covers to protect pedestrians.
  • Interior floor features anti slip surface.
  • Grab rails provided for each passenger.
  • Hi visibility addressable LED lighting on exterior of vehicle.

Emergency stop button

4 internal and 4 external buttons plus remote handset

Emergency brake

4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes

Parking brake


Obstacle detection

8 Ultrasonic sensors


2 point seat belts for the forward facing passengers

Aurrigo Powertrain


podzero can be fitted with lead acid or lithium ion battery packs. Both options are housed in a sliding cassette that enables a complete battery swap to be achieved within 5 minutes.

Drive wheels


Engine type

AC Electric Air Cooled


3.3 kW

Maximum speed

24 km / h


Reduction Gearbox

Maximum incline


Battery Type

48V – Lead acid

52V Lithium Ion

Battery change

5 minutes

Capacity (kWh)

8 kWh Lead Acid

5.7 – 23kWh Lithium Ion

Charging time

8 hours Lead Acid

2-6 hours Lithium Ion

Charging temperature

0.005V per 1°C below 25°C

Operating temperature   

-20°C to +40°C Lead Acid

-10°C to +40°C Lithium Ion

Pod Zero Steering

Steering and Suspension

The steering, braking and drivetrain of the podzero have been designed and developed by Aurrigo using approved and recognised automotive standards and each of these systems has its own dedicated electronic control unit (ECU).


  • Compact double wishbone suspension for all 4 wheels.
  • Bespoke springs and dampers and lightweight aluminium uprights are fitted to optimise ride comfort.


  • Electric power front axle steering.

Steering Method

Front axle steering

Turning Radius


Ground Clearance  


Wheel / Tyres

147 70 R12

LIDAR scan of pod

Autonomous Control System

The podzero autonomous control system has been tailored for compatibility with the mechanical design of the pods.

podzero uses a combination of GPS, lidar, ultrasonic, camera and wheel dynamics for localisation.

podzero comes with an inside user interface app which acts as a visualiser displaying sensor data and vehicle state information. It has been customised by Aurrigo and is used by operators to create autonomous routes and monitor Pod motion. It also allows access to remote support.


4x scanners including 2x with static and dynamic safety zones

Global Positioning Satellite Navigation System

dGPS with 2-3cm accuracy

User Interface

1 per vehicle, user friendly

Ultrasonic sensors

8 per vehicle, integrated for safety
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