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Aurrigo’s Automated R&D Platform – devpod

Aurrigo’s four-seater pod is now available to purchase and customise, so if you are a University, educational establishment, software development company or working on autonomous projects then we have the R&D platform you have been waiting for – devpod!


Aurrigo, the leading autonomous pod manufacturer in the UK, has spent 5 years developing the devpod together with an additional suite of products which include our own autonomous control system (ACS), sensors, camera’s, multi-pod fleet software and customer app.

Aurrigo has a 25 year track record of creating highly sophisticated and safety critical automotive solutions. We supply some of the world’s leading car manufacturing companies and have offices and teams to support your projects in the UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Vietnam and Canada.

Universities, software developers and autonomous project teams can now test and develop their own sensors, ACS and advanced algorithms on devpod, a fully autonomous ready platform.

devpod is delivered with an application programming interface (API) enabling full control and customisation by you. It has no steering wheel or pedals and is a specifically designed platform for first and last mile transport.

devpod can be ordered in any multiples and quickly setup to start your very own autonomous fleet for applications such as an on campus transport system.

devpod can easily be modified both externally and internally to enable developers to mount additional sensors, camera’s, displays or any other type of research equipment.

devpod is ideal for customers who want to quickly try out or swop out sensors and equipment.

devpod is a fully drive, steer and brake by wire vehicle which is controlled through the API or via the supplied remote controller handset. devpod can be driven whilst seated in the vehicle or remotely from outside using the handset and is supplied ready to operate straight out of the shipping container.

Contact us now about the devpod platform, and our additional products and engineering support services and how we might help you get your autonomous project up and running.


  • Strong, tubular spaceframe chassis and lightweight superstructure, suitable for 4 passengers and designed to accommodate powertrain, batteries, suspension, steering and brakes.
  • Vacuum-formed PETG / ABS outer body panels are easy to change or modify.
  • Wheel-covers to enclose the tires and steering movement to safeguard pedestrians.
  • Multiple hard-points provide suitable mounting for sensors, camera’s, Lidars and other autonomous equipment.

Air conditioning  



1 standard & 1 optional




External facing 24″ monitor


Headlights and tail lights to the rear


8 Ultrasonic sensors


2 point seat belts for the forward facing passengers


Optional manual ramp for wheelchair access

Speed Sensors

All four wheels


Safety is a primary concern, so devpod is fitted with seat belts as standard and eight emergency stop buttons.

The electrically operated devpod doors are fitted with anti-trap mechanisms and internal and external manual override handles should there be a power failure.

  • All round disc brakes and twin pot callipers.
  • Remote emergency stop via the handset.
  • Powered doors fitted with anti-trap feature.
  • Wheel covers to protect pedestrians.
  • Interior floor features anti slip surface.
  • Grab rails provided for each passenger.
  • Hi visibility addressable LED lighting on exterior of vehicle.

Emergency stop button

4 internal and 4 external buttons plus remote handset

Emergency brake

4 wheel hydraulic disc brakes

Parking brake


Obstacle detection

8 Ultrasonic sensors


2 point seat belts for the forward facing passengers


devpod utilises a 48V traction battery package consisting of six, 8v Trojan lead-acid units housed in a sliding cassette that enables a complete battery swap to be achieved within 5 minutes.

Drive wheels


Engine type

AC Electric Air Cooled


3.3 kW

Maximum speed

24 km / h


Reduction Gearbox

Maximum incline


Battery Type

48V – Lead acid removable battery pack

Battery change

5 minutes

Capacity (kWh)

8 kWh

Charging time

8 hours

Charging temperature

0.005V per 1°C below 25°C

Operating temperature   

-20°C to +40°C

Steering and Suspension

The steering, braking and drivetrain of the devpod have been designed and developed by Aurrigo using approved and recognised automotive standards and each of these systems has its own dedicated electronic control unit (ECU).


  • Compact double wishbone suspension for all 4 wheels.
  • Bespoke springs and dampers and lightweight aluminium uprights are fitted to optimise ride comfort.


  • Electric power front axle steering.

Steering Method

Front axle steering

Turning Radius


Ground Clearance  


Wheel / Tyres

147 70 R12

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